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You may have heard about excess post exercise oxygen consumption in the past. EPOC is the gas tank that powers your fat stripping blowtorch, because when the type of training we’re advocating here induces an “oxygen debt,” it can increase your metabolic rate for up to 16 hours after you train. This means that when you’re done working out while you’re at school, at work, or sleeping your body is still looking to consume fuel sources for the oxygen it needs to restore itself to a resting state of equilibrium.

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No they don Not anymore. There is currently a bit of a battle going on for the rights to make Jordan jerseys. Since Adidas has the NBA contract they own the rights to print the jerseys with current players. A vehicle similar to the one Anchorage Police believes hit and killed a man on the Glenn Highway last weekend. Areas that are believed to have damage on the suspect vehicle are highlighted in this image. Saturday on the inbound lanes of the Glenn Highway, between Muldoon and Boniface.

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